How To Fix A Garage Door Opener

Small Problem, Big Problem
Garage doors are a common problem that most household experiences. And when this happens, you should not panic because most of it requires a simple configuration on your part to solve. Well, if all things fail you just need to consult and check out your manual or contact a professional.

Remember, when problems arise, do not stress yourself out. Whatever it is, may it be a simple or a complex one, always keep your thoughts straight and by following this link you will be more familiar to the most common problems related to your garage door opener and how to fix it as quickly as possible.

Common Problems and Steps on Fixing Your Garage Door Opener
First, the opener won’t open the door. Basically, the opener should open the door, right? But what if it suddenly fails to do its part? What should you do?

  • Check the power source.
  • Check the motor unit. It may be because the unit is unplugged, make sure that the cord is plugged in all the way.
  • The opener’s motor might be burnt out thus not operating at all. To solve this one, contact a service person to replace it.

Second problem is when the door won’t budge when you press the remote or keypad.

  • Your distance to the door can be the reason, move closer to make sure that the door is within the range of the remote.
  • Check if the antenna on the motor unit is working: not damaged or turned upside down.
  • The remote control or keypad is out of batteries. Replace them as soon as possible.

Lastly, the door won’t close completely.

  • The switch for the close-limit needs adjusting.
  • The safety sensors need realignment or adjustment.
  • Or it can be rusted rollers or damaged ones.

These are the most common scenarios why your garage door opener is not working properly. You can also check for other possible reasons and consult a service person to repair it. A good garage door gives less stress to your life.